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Yes, during that session, but Scribner didn't want any more money ever.

We realized that Keefe would hesitate to fight for such a large additional appropriation as the Senate's with Scribner on the House subcommittee on appropriation. However, we did the best we could, and the conference finally came out with only an additional eight million for the two Institutes. We lost 25 million dollars that could have started these two Institutes out with a speed that might have made a tremendous amount of difference in the rate of attack on the two problems.


Whose influence was it that caused this to happen? Was it Cannon's?


Cannon, and actually as the money had been attached by people not on the Appropriations Subcommittee--nobody on the Subcommittee, Chavez and his friends on the Subcommittee didn't fight for the Senate figure. If they had fought for the Senate figure, they would have gotten at least half of it, or maybe two-thirds of it. But Chavez felt a sense of a loss of face because his own committee figures had been overridden on a floor amendment, so they didn't really work for him. You know how that would be. So, we realized that was a hard way to get additional money.

The Cancer Institute got approximately three million dollars additional and the Heart Institute got about five million, most of which was earmarked for construction funds for the Heart

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