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because the fact that Bridges was willing to make a compromise and agree forced Chavez to do something.


So, actually, your two friends at court on the conference committee were Bridges and Keefe, were they?


Yes, but Bridges didn't really work in conference. I don't know if he was a confrere on this particular thing or not. I know Chavez was, but Chavez didn't work. I doubt that Bridges sat in because he was very high-ranking and I doubt that he was on that subcommittee.

Well, the thing that happened was that a great research breakthrough occurred. An announcement was made by Dr. Phillip Hansch and Dr. Edward Kandel of the Mayo Clinic of Rochester, Minnesota, that they had found that cortisone and ACTH were helpful in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. This has proved to be one of the most important research announcements of our time. It's important not only in the treatment of many other diseases and conditions, although ACTH and cortisone are not cures on the prevent? whole for most of these diseases and conditions, but they provide effect? remissions and sometimes what seem like cures for various things, including allergies and asthma and a variety of things; they may reoccur but they are certainly stopped by cortisone and ACTH. But they are also important because of the fact that they have stimulated an enormous amount of work in the whole field of the adrenal cortex and and in sterone hormones generally, not enough, but

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