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I wanted to appeal to the Congressmen and to the Director of the Budget to put a line item in the budget for research in these two substances.


So this was something of a seminar that you organized for their education.


That's right, in the Statler Hotel, in the suite that we had on the top floor, which is very large and quite ugly.

The day before I was to go down to the meeting, I came down with a severe case of flu. It was with the greatest difficulty that I besought my husband to go; he finally went and did a brilliant job. He got the doctors rehearsed before the Congressmen and Pace appeared. They presented their case excitingly, and Pace was so impressed that he stayed much longer than he had any intention of, and was very moved. Keefe and Fogerty said they were having a meeting that afternoon to mark up the Appropriations bill, and would, as a result of the meeting, insert two million five hundred thousand dollars for research in ACTH and cortisone in the budget. They did this, and this line item was agreed to by the Senate and was passed as part of the Appropriations bill of fiscal '51.

Vast amounts of clinical research and funds to supply these expensive substances were available all over the United States as a result, and there is no doubt that the understanding in the use of these substances, both here and in the world, was

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