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parts of the world take up the problem immediately?


Not unless they hear about it and not unless they have money and not unless they are able to obtain adequate quantities of the material, and adequate quantities of the material just weren't available because nobody had the money to pay for it, in order to explore the use of it.


This is where your thesis comes into play, that if money is available people...


Will use it, if it looks exciting, yes.

Consequently, in January or February of '50 I asked Frank Pace, then the Director of the Budget, and Frank Keefe, the Republican ranking member of the Subcommittee on Appropriations, for what was then called the Federal Security Agency under which the National Institutes of Health come, and John Fogerty, who was the chairman, to lunch with me and a group of doctors. The doctors included C. P. Rhoads of Memorial; Dr. Cornelius Traeger, Dr. Dan Gardner and Dr. T. Duckett Jones. I wanted face and the Congressmen to hear about the important leads in the areas of cancer, rheumatic fever, arthritis and eye diseases. Both of these hormonal products are terribly important in the treatment and cure of very important inflammatory eye diseases and did dramatic things, as they both do in arthritis.

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