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into the bill itself, stating this, but Congressman Andy Biemiller and Congressman Percy Priest made this abundantly clear for us in the conference report. (See the National Science Foundation Conference Report in the Appendix of my little book.)

The conference was between the Senate and the House; as part of the conditions of the agreement between the Senate and the House which allowed the passage of the bill it was made specific that the activities of the Science Foundation in medical research would not interfere with the research institutes of the public Health Service.

However, I had another anxiety. I was anxious that the Bureau of the Budget not be allowed to place the institutes of the Public Health Service under the National Science Foundation, as some of the boys in the Bureau of the Budget had long taken a dim view of the institutes. They had been thwarted in their objections to the passage of the omnibus research bill, you will remember, which contained the last two institutes, and I'm sure they would have been happy to get all the institutes under the Science Foundation if it were possible.


And thereby regain control of them.


And thereby regain control of them under the general heading of science. This was just what I didn't think was a good idea; I thought it was better to have it in the Public Health Service, where there were people at least just only interested

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