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While he was in the hospital, the Appropriations bill for these three institutes came to the floor of the Senate. Florence Mahoney and I were determined that additional funds should be voted for the institutes and we asked Charles Murray, Senator Murray's son, to organize a floor fight. He got about 24 or 25 Senators to sponsor an amendment to the Appropriations bill.

Now, this was very hard to do because the Appropriations Committee hates to have people interfering with their decisions, and they do everything they can to fight against amendments coming from Senators not on the Committee.


Charles Murray, was he the administrative assistant...


Of his father, yes.

Senator Pepper took the lead in the fight, as did Magnusson and Senator Murray and Senator Neeley. Their first try was for 64 million additional appropriations for these three institutes. This failed. The next day they brought up an amendmentfor 32 million. It was a Friday and many of our friends had gone home for the weekend, so we lost again. Five more votes would have gotten us this additional 32 million dollars. I was on the telephone constantly with Florence Mahoney and Mike Gorman, who had come to Washington to do a job on this, as I was determined that we should make a fight and I was unable to be in Washington myself because of Albert's illness.

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