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research to some extent.


Well, it's mostly fellowships, and I think--I never hear about their activities. They may have some fellowships or their fellowships may have been dropped, I don't even know. So, you can see, my anxiety has long since died out.


So the only rapport would be that which is undertaken by various doctors in the Institutes who might want to make a personal liaison.


That's right, yes.

Well, in the same year, May, 1950, when I returned from Europe with my husband, I found that the appropriations for Cancer, Heart and Mental Health Institutes had not yet been passed in the Senate. This same year, at the end of June, my husband found that he had an intestinal tumor and on the 5th of July he had his first operation for it and it turned out to be a cancer and it also, I knew within a few weeks, from the laboratory results, had spread into his lymph glands and that there was always a possibility consequently of a recurrence. Consequently, I was more desperate than ever about money for research, especially in the field of cancer.


That being the impelling force all along; I mean, when you were touched personally, you were motivated to action.

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