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everytime anything went wrong. He was somebody who was supposed to speaking from the White House to help us a little. Well, we thought this was a good idea, but it turned out that David Stowe had also worked for the Budget in the past himself and was quite budget-minded. However, he did help us in the end a little.

As a result of my meeting with the President the day before, I met with India Edwards and Boyle, the Democratic National Committee in New York on the 7th, to try to interest Boyle to take action in the form of a rough start within the Democratic Committee to combat the lies and reactionary attitude of the AMA towards Truman's health insurance program. The AMA was fighting energetically against the Local public Health Units bill and Aid to Medical Education bill as well, but I still felt that if any group were organized to combat them, there was still time to obtain the passage of at least these two bills. The AMA fought all medical bills, all federal legislation, in order to defeat health insurance.

Boyle took what seemed to me a mild interest in the matter and said he would make some inquiries about the possibilities of financing a citizens' committee for health insurance.


What about India Edwards? As a woman did she understand this?


She understood this very well, but she didn't have a great deal of power actually. Boyle did this within the next month

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