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Was Mansfield enthusiastic about this?


Mansfield was moderately enthusiastic and said, “I'll do it if you can get Hugh Scott to join as a host with me, because I don't want to seem to make it a partisan matter.”

Laurance Rockefeller went immediately to Hugh Scott's office, although I don't think he knew him, and Hugh Scott agreed at onceto be a co-host for a luncheon with Senator Mansfield.

Actually we did this in January and the luncheon was set for February 11.


This was a good step, wasn't it, to make it bipartisan?


I thought it was. I thought it should be bipartisan and I thought it should pass the Senate overwhelmingly and that consequently would make it easier to get substantial money. The luncheon was held. I paid for the lunch personally, and I went. There were about 36 Senators present, but as it took place just before Lincoln's Birthday a great many Senators who would have come had of course gone home to make speeches.

The key members of the panel made statements at the lunch -- Bruno Schmidt, Stanley Farber, Lee Holland, Mr. Holland, and it was very much like a panel, but as if they had rehearsed as indeed they had a script which they were going to recite. However, some questions were asked, and both Kennedy and Humphrey were there, and there was some enthusiasm engendered, especially when Anna Hoffman got up and spoke from a human point of view, not about science, but about human suffering from cancer. She made a great impression and was very very effective.


She has some deep convictions about it?

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