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cancer, heart diseases, and the environmental sciences. Now, there had been visits already of the Americans to Russia and the Russians are sending Medical visitors to us, and I understand from some people in NIH that they have received or are about to receive some rather interesting new chemical compounds they're interested in trying, that the Russians have made out of some of our compounds that haven't worked as well as we'd hoped -- they made some changes in the compounds and feel they're more successful. I hope that's true.

As a result of this, I went to see Mr. Bobst and said to him, “The President is quite right about making this arrangement with Russia, and all over Europe when I was there it was in the headlines that we were going to be cooperating in research in cancer and heart, and I think that people here feel a deep gratitude to him for being interested in this, and it's very successful as a political thing a well as just a sensible activity for the country. But why don't we try to do this with England?”

He called the White House, and described what he thought should be done, to the President's health aide. James Cavanaugh The President's health aide called me up about two weeks ago and said he had talked with the President and the President had ordered Kissinger and Elliot Richardson to go forward with some plans, he hoped to be able to announce some arrangement with Britain in the next weight weeks.


Had you had any knowledge of the fact that the discussion was on the agenda in Russia?


Yes, Yes, I knew that. But I didn't think about -- I thought about

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