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doing it in other countries. I thought it should be taken country by country, and that England had the most, would be the easiest next one to deal with because their language makes it simple.


This isn't anything that could be accomplished through the United Nations, I take it?


No, I think it's better just from chief of state to chief of state, and then they're sedding missions and supporting missions directly. The United Nationsputs one more place of bureaucracy in between, it seemed to me.

At any rate, on the personal side, I went to France for ten days.


This was when?


The 12th of May, and the15th of May Queen Elizabeth made a state visit to France, to Paris, in honor of the entry of Great Britain into the Common Market, and as a result of that there was a gals given at Versailles by President Pompidou and Mrs. Pompidou, to which I was invited with Mrs. Blair, really because of the Vander Kemps It was a marvelous, marvelous picturesque sight. There was a ballet given in the Marie Antoinette Theatre. The people at the theatre were largely the French government and all the diplomatic corps. The queen looked marvelusly pretty and well with wonderful jewels, but the ladies in the audience had no jewelry. It seems to be cut of fashion to have jewelry. Practically no jewelry. Fashion is not particularly becoming this year. The clothes are rather dark and not terribly picturesque. But the Queen looked marvelous and Madame Pompidou had

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