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So in desperation he was given this drug suggested by Dr. Eugene Cohen, and -- the doctor at Einstein -- and within three weeks the tumor had shrunk sufficiently so that he no longer was obstructed and could urinate perfectly well.

In the meantime, he got an infection and had a sub-acute bacterial endocarditis, for which he had to reain in the hospital nearly eight weeks, with 20 million units of penicillin a day intravenously.

So he'd had a very hard time, starting in '67. He recovered from this and seemed to be in quite good health and remained on this drug. Four years ago, no, a year ago last fall, 1971, he got another urinary obstruction, and it was evident that these tumors had progressed and were obstructing him again. He had an operation at this time which was very difficult for him but he did survive it, but it was evident that the value of the drug had disappeared as far as controlling the tumors went.

Last spring, '72, he had some cobalt treatments, but they seemed to do him really no good whatever, and I began to cast about to see what could be given him that would give him another remission. He had already been the beneficiary of four years of fairly good health.


His heart condition hadn't progressed?


His heart condition wasn't any better but it hadn't gotten much worse. But he couldn't handle a regular prostate operation and have the whole tumor removed. He had a section taken out.

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