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stopped them, -- unfortunately, I think he got this drug too late, and that it might have helped him a great deal had he gotten it much earlier.

He really had relief from it for only about a month --


Before he died?


Well, then the pain began to return. They began to find that his blood picture was a little bit affected by the nitrogen mustard which was in the drug, and they gave him less of it and tried to take him off it, but when they took him off it he began to have pain again, and he really got progressively worse and died the 24th of September.

This was a very hard defeat for my sister and me, because we had hoped that maybe something would have been found while we were trying to keep him alive. We certainly consulted everybody including Charlie Huggins, everybody that we could talk with, Gerald Murphy at Roswell Park -- we had a meeting with eight or nine doctors here, several times, to see if he could find some program that was really helpful. But unless there's some new information, doctors are really quite unimaginative and undynamic on the whole about what to do for people. They don't want to try new things. They think it's hopeless. Well, actually trying new things gives the patient hope and I don't think --


-- which is a factor, isn't it, it's a factor in any struggle.


Yes. So this really reinforced my feeling that much too little wa

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