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results which were in many cases very good, and the person who's had the most dramatic results with it was Dr. Klein, on a variety of types of cancer, because he treated people energetically and he's had more different types of cancer. But he hasn't treated them all with BCG. He treated them with other kinds of immunotherapeutic agents, including PPD and DCNB. But it was the first international conference that I know on BCG in relation to therapy of cancer.

Sol Rosenthal, who's an expert on BCG for TB, tuberculosis, in Chicago was there, and he showed that in Chicago when they vaccinated children against TB in one district, where the children were vaccinated, the incidence of leukemia was let's say one child out of 50,000, and in a neighboring district where they were unvaccinated, there were something like seven times as many children who developed leukemia. So he feels that BCG exercises an Immune surveillance against children having, developing leukemia. He feels -- also, there's been a Public Health study in Canada of children who were given BCG, and they too have shown that there's less leukemia in the children that have been treated.


This is a surprise, isn't it?


Yes, it's a surprise.


Your sister must be very interested.


She is, she is interested. I'm hoping that something more can be done so that there'll be a study that will be a prospective study that will be organized to settle this point completely to the

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