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Series II, Interview # 13

Interviewee: Mrs. Albert D. Lasker
Interviewer: John T. Mason, Jr.
Date: January 7, 1974
Beekman Place, NYC


Mrs. Leaker, I think you'll agree with me that 1974 was a very disagreeable year in many ways and even depressing, and therefore, for that reason alone, I've been looking forward to some kind of a resume of your own activities in '73, because this should constitute a bright spot. I mean, your efforts in the field of medical research and philanthropy and beautification, all of these areas do constitute a bright spot, and do indicate what one able and dedicated person can do for the betterment of the world. So shall we have a resume of your activities in 1973?

Mrs. Lasker:

Well, in the field of cancer, we've had many struggles to get additional funds for the Cancer Institute. I did get, suggested to Senator Hollings that the money that was impounded be put into p appropreateain bill as a supplementary, and he put in 60 million dollars. And the Senate went

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