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along with it.

However, it ran afoul of Mr. Mahon and Mr. Flood (Congressmen) who said the money had been appropriated and they shouldn't re- appropriate it.

I really don't know what they were making such difficulties about,. Even although we had finally technically gotten the impoundment issue settled, for '73, we still aren't getting the total of 60 million yet that was voted by the Congress last year, '73.


These are funds for what?


The Cancer Institute.


For training grants?


Asross the board. This is to make the total funds for fiscal '73 $450,000,000. Actually we came out with only about 422 million dollars. ($422,000,000)

Now with great struggles for fissal '74, we have approximately 525 million dollars in the HEW bill signed by the President, at long last. It is said that he has agreed to 600 million dollars for fiscal '75. Fortunately the cancer field is opening up, both in the field of immunology and in the field of combined chemotherapy.

Mrs. William Blair and I have been very interested in efforts to get more widespread investigation of BCG in cancer. I have tried to locate additional sources of BCG vaccine, and went to the headquarters of WHO in Geneva to see Dr. Mahler, the

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