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Well, the President, you know, has to give his orders through many other people, and that gess down to the Budget. The people in the Budget oried that all we're just training is people that go out and they get big incomes as a result of their training, so why should we train them? The fact that they would be able to take care of people in fighting against disease they don't even think about, because they're not interested in medicine, you see. You've got the decisions being made by laymen not interested in medicine at all and not informed. And the President doesn't probably even know about it. But if he knows about it, rather than -- do much -- the poor President has been under so much pressure to justify himself that, it's something unheard-of in the history of our nation, isn't it?

On legislation and appropriations, the first thing I tried to do is to get back the 60 million dollars in the fiscal '74 appropriations for cancer, which had been voted an additional 60 million had been voted for fiscal '73. I have already described how that was thwarted in the house by this non-agreement of Mahon and Flood.

I stayed in the United States from -- I stayed in the East from the middle of April until the end of July, to work on appropriations, first in the House, and then to see that there were good hearings in the Senate. The House appropriations were only moderately satisfactory, but I did work in the Senate, and especially on cancer appropriations, and we got an appropriation in the Senate of 580 million dollars, which finally the House agreed to

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