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out by going to tea with John Brademas, and John Brademas said he was interested in rehabilitation, and that gave me the clue. I knew that anything that made sense would be easy to sell to John Brademan because he's extremely bright. So we'll see what happens about that.

Well, that's about it for legislation.


I saw an article in the WALL STREET JOURNAL which struck my eye. It was written by Dr. Winston, who's a research fellow at Harvard Medical School, and it's titled, “war on Cancer; Trouble in the Ranks.” He develops such things as that there isn't agreement among doctors and scientists interested in medical research, that there is no agreement on the approach to various things. What comments do you make on that?


Well, I think this is always true when there's anything exciting going forward. The Peer Review system has come in for criticism from the administration, but I don't se e any better way to handle the giving out of grants. As far as fights about how to use the money gos, I don't know if there have been fights but there certainly has been a lot of discussion. Most of the basic researchers want all the money to go for basic research, and don't realize how little has been done clinically, and the clinical research people are relatively mild in their demands. From my point of view, I'm for much more clinical research.


This same doctor said in his article that if the situation wasn't corrected soon, a sizeable portion of the Advisory Board's 23

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