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in my life. It was a national hookup, but just the same, for such a tiny exposure, it had a tremendous lot of people who recalled it.


You can add one more to that list and say 31, because my wife saw it, and she said, “Oh, Mrs. L was as beautiful as usual.” She saw you, yes.


She did? She enjoyed it? Well, you know, I'm interested in awards because of our own awards. I don't really like to get awards, it's something that just bores me, because the things that I do are not easy to explain to anybody, and you really coul dn't -- it's very hard to define them, and I often thing people wonder why I'm getting an award, because it's so -- what I'm praised for sounds vague. And in any case, I'm really not interested in awards for myself.


But you really has to be or. the receiving end as well as the giving end.


Yes, I think it's ungracious of me not to be interested. I am interested in identifying people who have made grest contributions to medicine, because those people, you know, you can say, these people actually saved lives due to this particular development or act, this work that they did, whereas my efforts are much more indirect. And besides one is always bored with oneself, I think.

But I did get a award from, the Memorial Hospital and from the Albert Gallatin Associates of New York University, and as usual I'm very inadequate about saying anything in reply.

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