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Interview Series II # 14

Interviewee: Mrs. Albert (Mary) Lasker
Interviewer: John T. Mason, Hr.
Date: July 22, 1974
Beekman Place, New York City


Today we're going to begin by talking about a new development in the area of the treatment of breast, cancer. All right, you're on.

Mrs. Lasker:

At a luncheon at Mrs. Blair's house -- can I be heard, do you think?


I'll test it...

Mrs. Lasker:

At a luncheon at Mrs. Blair's house in Washington, in April of '74, Dr. Carbon and Dr. Nat Berlin told of a new treatment of breast cancer. It seems that when women have breast cancer and have positive nodes -- that is, the cancer has spread from one spot in the breast to the lymph nodes -- the likelihood of recurring within 18 months is 43 percent, about. Now, this is a very high recurrence rate and very distressing. And they decided to ask a number of hospitals to try giving a combination of drugs, immediately after operation, to see if giving drugs immediately and in low doses

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