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would prevent the re-occurrence of the cancer in these cases.


Is this in lieu of X-ray treatment?


Well, in some cases they're also giving X-ray, I believe. X-ray alone doesn't do it. But with a combination of one, two and three drugs, it has been shown, and will be announced in September, that the incidence of re-occurrence is reduced by 95 percent. Now, this is for a 2 1/2 year period, and of course we don't know whether it will stay that high over a period of many years or not, but in any case, people will have prolonged survival from breast cancer, after breast cancer operations. Now, this isn't a final answer to cancer, but it's a big piece of practical clinical progress, and will save lives, and it also means that it will hasten the trial of low dosage of combinations of drugs for other major tumors at major tumor sites, like colon, long, postrate, pancreas and other tumors.


In other words, it's a breakthrough in the whole area of chemotherapy.


Yes, that's right. Now, to this I'm sure they're going to add some immunotherapy, to see if that adds to it, but It's a practical way to show you can prevent the re-occurence of cancer after operations.

Of course, I'd much rather have them tell me that they have a drug that will reverse the cancer without operation. I'm sure that will come, but it hasn't come yet, and this gone everybody that's

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