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of drugs. Well, by this time people are very sick and heavy doses of drugs make them very sick again. They may get remissions, but they are very sick because of the to toxicity of the drug. This seems to avoid in large measure the toxicity of the drug.

Well, I was very distressed because I thought we wouldn't get an additional push on this clinical discovery if we didn't get more money, because the basic researchers are screaming that they aren't getting enough money for basic research in cancer or for any kind of basic research. And actually they're not, but when you have practical clinical results, you've got to follow those quickly, too -- because this is all about human beings, which of course basic researchers are not interested in. It's really unbelievable but true.

So, we got Dr. Rauscher and Mrs. Birch Bayh, whose a wonderful advocate for cancer because she's had breast cancer, and -- to go to see Mr. Flood before he marked up, and to tell him about this advance. We got no additional money in the House subcommittee markup, in spite of this, and inspite of the hearings.

So I was really indespair, and I didn't know what to do, but I went with Tauny Polster who represents the American Cancer Society and Mike Gorman, and we visited Senator Humphrey and told him the story. Senator Humphrey has become very interested in cancer research. He has cancer of the bladder, which is under control at the moment, thank God, due to heavy X-ray treatments, and we asked his advice.

He said, well, he didn't really know the House, but why didn't we talk to some powerful members of the House? And I thought

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