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of Tip O' who is the majority leader. So we left him and arrived in O' office, asking his administrative assistant Mr. if he would -- he said, “What do you want Tip to do?”

We said, “We want him to introduce an amendment to the Flood Bill on the floor of the House, cancer appropriations, in the HEW bill.”

He said, “Well, the majority leader never offers any amendments, but he could help you.”


Get somebody else to do it.


We said, “Fine, where is he?” He appeared thereupon almost by magic, but before he appeared, Diehl said, “Who else is on the Flood appropriations committee that might help you?”

And I looked in my fat black book, and my eye lit upon Eddie Boland. He talked to a secretary and said, “Find Eddie Boland,” and with this Tip came in and said, “Hi, I have to go make a vote on the floor, do you want to talk to me now or after that?”

We said, “You go and vote and we'll wait for you.”

He departed and Eddie Boland arrived, and we talked to Eddie. Then Tip returned and they said, “Who in the subcommittee have you seen?”

We told them and they said, “Well, the one who has the most clout and has the most respect of the sabcommittee is Neal Smith, and you should get him to offer an amendment in the full committee,” and they said, “And we'll go to see him too.”

I said, “Should we do it in full committee or on the floor?”

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