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saying that the states must have 70 million dollars in a fund and a grant basis, to start screening and treatment for high blood pressure on a statewide level.

He said, “Yes, it surely is something terribly needed. What would have happened to us with my father if we hadn't had any money? We could never have taken care of him. “You know, this is true with everybody, with a stroke, as severe --

So the amendment is settled as far as I can see, because we also went to visit Senator Harrison Williams, who is also in accord with our views in this matter. He's the chairman of the full committee I can't imagine any circumstance under which we wouldn't get the amendment. I don't know what form it will come out of the House and Senate conference, and I don't know how much money we'll get, because it will probably have to go into a supplemental, which wouldn't take place before the fall, but at any rate it's for 70 million dollars and we're going to try -- it will be the first funds ever earmarked for one of the major causes of death and disability, in the Health Services Administration Act or in the federal government. For services, not research.


Isn't it interesting that so very often, with legislation of this sort, the key --


-- originates from outside, from left field.


Well, and it involves a Senator or Representative who's had some personal experience with a disease.

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