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When does it get considered in the Senate?


The markup's going to be the middle of August. And probably the conference will be the first part of September. I'll probalbly have to come back from Europe to see what I can do to keep them -- to get O to intimidate them -- to keep the money, whatever they give us. Oh dear, you wouldn't believe that this could happen a bout something dastardly for human beings, would you? It's unbelievable.

Then the other thing that, we did, we had something to do with legislatively, is that it finally occurred to me that what we needed to do about high blood pressure was not only just to get the Council to do a big campaign, which I hope they've decided to do, but we needed some funds to start a program on, in every state health department.

So I went to see Rogers, who had already got this health services administration bill out, it's beyond amendment, in the committee -- it was already out of the full committee of Interstate and Foreign Commerce, but he said that if Ted Kennedy would do something, that he and Ted would fix it up in conference, he said.

So then with great difficulty he got hold of Ted, who was that day -- had a bill on the floor that he was passionately interested in. We had to sit for hours, and we missed his signal to come down. Then we lost him, because he thought we had disregarded his signal to come down, and we finally recaptured him, and he -- we plained to him that we wanted an amendment

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