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Well, Dr. Luckey thought of four foundations that he sounded out that would be willing to put up the money for conferences, and I'm sure that the Cancer Institute would put up the money for cancer conferences, and I don't honestly think they're going to have much trouble about the money. I may be wrong but I think not. I hope. Lady Baillie is putting in her will enough money to maintain the castle. So it willbe just expenses of the conferences that would be needed.


-- transportation --


-- and some staff, some staff to work on conferences. But most people are used topaying their transportation to conferences.

Another small effort I made was my first visit to Secretary Weinberger. It was with a friend, a lawyer, Mr. Bradley Jones of Los Angeles. I had told him that I thought the people like Dr. Rauscher and Dr. Cooper and all the leaders of the National Institutes of Health and many others working in the health field were paid only $36,000 a year because this was in relation to the amount of money that the Congress pays itself, and most doctors now earn a tremendous amount of money on the outside -- because first, the number of doctors is limited and the demand is unlimited -- and I felt that -- Bradley Jones suggested that they make some tax advantage to people who have children who are going to college, especially people who have more than one child in college at the same time, as happens quite often, and especially in groups that are very hard to recruit. It's very hard to recruit leaders for the National Institutes of Health, because people who are suitable can make

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