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their work. You see, the thing that makes the breast cancer thing so important is that there are at least 800 patients that have been on this breast cancer protocol, and at least 800 have shown that the recurrence rate has dropped by 95 percent. This is very convincing, tomove other people to go and try to do likewise, but when you have 20 or 30 patients, it doesn't move people

Have you any other?


Is there anything further on the use of lithium?


Just that it does work in severe depressions that are cyclical, that are manic depressions, that it -- that there's a big study presumed to be organized by the Veterans Administration for alcoholics, which would follow up the lead there that Dr. Kline found in one of their veterans' hospitals in Maine, that it prevented people, about 75 percent of chronic alcoholics from wanting to drink. Now, we're showing that alcoholism is related to depression. Which I think youprobably suspected.


I think last time you told me there were 60 millions, something like --


Oh, there was a billion, 150 million of health funds that were impounded by the administration, and individual groups, such as the Community Mental Health groups, the podiatrists, the nurses, the Regional Medical Center Association, led by Mike Gorman, really, who works for me, or given courage by him, decided to sue the federal government, because they felt it was illegal for the

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