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said the same thing.

Teddy Kennedy had the people that I suggested. They may have been the same people that Benno suggested. They were Dr. , Dr. Pound, Dr. Rouscher, Dr. , Dr. Zubrod, I think, and maybe one other person -- I don't know. But they decided that the work of Fry and Jaffe at Children's Hospital in Boston and the Sidney Farber Center was more advanced than anything else and that the should be put on this combination of drugs. At that time anybody not on the combination had about a 75% chance of recurrecne in the first year.


Even though the limb had been taken.


That's right. Now the child has gone about 20 months and has had no recurrence and is off the drug combination. He had to take it every three weeks. It was toxis and hard to take. He was very heroic about it. He didn't lose any hair as far as I can see, or if he old, he has a wiq. And he's alive and camping with some friends in California as of the moment.

Now this has really revolutionized people's ideas about treating bone cancer. It's not a widespread disease fortunately, and it occurs mostly in children. But adriamycin has now been added to the combination, and it gives an even better chance of no recurrence. They had about an 80% no recurrence for two years, and this seems to add to it. I've just talked to Dr.

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