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Jaffe. The people they've had on it maybe only up to 15 months, have not recurred at all with adriamycin added. So these two things are dramatic advances.

Also Dr. Moertel at Mayo's has a combination of drugs that causes a 40% regression of cencer of the intestine. And cytoxan and other drugs are giving much better results than any estrogens ever did in late cancer of the prostate, as reported by the task force under Dr. Gerald Murphy of Roswell Park.

Now, those are signs of good news, because these are major tumors, and they've never been investigated with combinations of drugs before shortly after operation. Whenever they've been given, they've been given as single drugs usually and always late after the tumor had recurred.

Now, in the case of cancer of the prostate, they're just starting on giving drugs just after an operation, just starting now.


They didn't do that...


They didn't do that. This is late cancer of the prostate that they showed better results on during this past year.


They didn't do that in Mr. ordyce's case.


They didn't do that; they didn't know about it. They

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