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Cancer Institute until 1980. I think I'll have to resign before that time runs. I'll be tired of it.


You overcame the opposition of Senator Buckley then.


The endorsement of Senator Javits was evidently sufficiently strong to overcome Senator Buckley, although I've never seen Senator Buckley; I've never spoken to him.

During June sometime... did I tell you that I got the idea that we ought to get specific language for high blood pressure in the Health Services Administration legislation renewal? I didn't tell you that?

Well, I was looking at a chart of bills that were to be renewed, and I thought: why shouldn't we have specific language under Health Services so that the states would have money to do screening on high blood pressure and also treating it.


This was the specific authorization for this...?


The specific organization in the money bill, you see. So I spoke to Hike Gorman about it, and he said, “Well, I'll talk to Jay Cutler,” the aide of Senator Javita. The bill was being rewritten in the legislative committee to be renewed. It was a bill that needed renewal. And Jay Cutler just caught it in time,

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