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scientists and Russian scientists, hasn't it?


No, not British -- Russian.


I thought the British were also involved.


No, not in any formal way. They're in contact with Amercians, but they don't have any protocols in common.

I went to an amusing dinner given by the Nathan Cummineses for the uchese of Windsor. I sat next to Mr. Arthur Burns of the Federal Reserve Bank. I didn't anything that I didn't already know. I remember he was very gay that evening. Effie Lederer was there (Ann Landers), very

There was a big dinner given in honor of Senator Kennedy given by the American Cancer Society of New York City's New York City division at the Waldorf. He got the Sloan award. Senator Kennedy came just in time to eat dinner and deliver a speech and left instantly. we saw him later on the upper floors of the hotel with Frank Sinatra. But he's a very good speaker and not boring. That's a quality -- that he isn't boring as a speaker.


Yes, I've heard him.


Well, that's all Jane can remember.

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