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he needed anyway. But he's been premendously helpful on the Senate side


What about Humphrey?


And Humphrey I talked to, but actually I didn't ask him to make an amendment this year because it looked to me as if between Bayh and Hollings, who were willing to make amendments to the House bill, that was about as much as we could do.

I also went to see Brooke of Massachusetts, and Brooke of Massachusetts is the ranking Republican and as ranking Republican is tremendously helpful to Magnuson if he makes amendments to the bills because then he supports him on the floor and that gets other Republican support and defies the Republican Administration. He did indeed add I think $80 million -- to 840 I think. I think he took it from 762 to 840, an additional $80 million, to the Cancer Institute. And we did get additional funds for high blood pressure in the Senate for the Health Services Administration, which is separate from the National Institutes of Health. We got $10 million in the Senate. We hope to get a split between that and the House -- $5 million. The Health Services Administration appropriation is for formula grants to states, and there was never any formula grants to states for high blood pressure, although it's a major cause of death and disability

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