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in all states.


But that was an accomplishment in the previous year.


Well, we got the legislation and now we're getting the money, and we did get a little bit of money in the last budget. We got $3,750,000. We really need over, a billion dollars to do a good job, so we're just tinkering around about this until we decide what is the way to get a major amount of money because we've already shown in the last two years, since there's been a real effort on doing education, urging patients to go to doctors and have their blood pressure checked and draft doctors to treat patients, the death rate has declined 11% in two years. In other words, 21,000 more people are alive in '75 than would have been in '73.


Because they discovered they had high blood pressure.


Yes. And we don't know how many people did not have strokes -- in other words, who otherwise would have had strokes and lived as cripples.

On the heart side, the heart death declined about six per cent, in two and that's 46,000 lives. Now, a good deal of that has to be attributed to this high blood pressure campaign, because it happened only in the last two years. It happened

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