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That doesn't always do it. Sometimes people think less about it if they've had things themselves.

While lobbying the House members to agree with the Senate figures on cancer and high blood pressure and for eye research, I found three of them somewhat more agreeable and interested in medical research than I found any of the House members since 1968. One is Congressman Stokes of Ohio, who is really rather interested in high blood pressure and health problems. Another is Joe Earley of Worcester, Massachusetts. He's interested in medical institutions in his area, and he says that in Massachusetts what we have to contribute is our brains: We have brains for medical research, and I want to get support for them. The other one is Roybal from California who formerly was a health educator in tuberculosis and who is from a district in which the cancer center from the University of Southern California is situated. And he has said to me when I told him that medical care in '75 cost close to $118 billion and we're only providing $3 billion to prevent the need for that immense economic loss, he said, “Well, let's get together some doctors and let's see what we can do with more money to see if we can't reduce this tremendous cost and loss,” So I'm going to try and arrange it for the fall, for September 28th.


How are you going to go about that?

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