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Well, I talked to Dr. Cooper last night and he suggested a couple people that he would get together. I really have to depend a lot on Cooper, because Cooper would like to get some-thing done, and I'll see what they bring forth and then I will try to visualize what they're talking about in charts and simple statements if they say anything worthwhile.


How do you envision that -- a symposium of some sort?


No, I'm going to have a meeting in his office of six to eight people, and then if it goes well, we'll try to do something that's the same or better for the full sub-committee. And if that goes well, we'll try to get Carter to put it in his '75 budget: just to try to see how do we bring these costs down, what can we do through research that will solve these problem faster and so we won't have to go on with this immense burden all the time. Now, the whole field of respiratory illnesses is up, as you know, and then the flu thing: if it isn't one kind of flu, it's another. And whatever kind of flu it is, there are always so-called excess deaths from it. in other words, there are always deaths that shouldn't be and that are serious losses. And I think people are debilitated by respiratory diseases whether they die or not and God knows what other conditions result from a big virus

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