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And this is to be used in what fashion if you do get it?


Across the board for research and to start strengthening some eye centers that are already established. There are about eight or nine places you can call eye centers now, and to strengthen their training and research capabilities. But they already have $50 million, so there is some substantial eye research already going on. But $50 million is not a great sun of money for these days for a solution to anything so delicate as eye problems. One of the reasons I'm so interested in the eye -- and I'm sure you would be -- is that the retina is really the entrance to the brain. The relationship of the eye to the whole neurology of the nervous system and to the brain is just stupendous, and it has to be elucidated before we really understand the brain or the eye.


Now we shall hear about the Lasker awards, the decisions that have been made.


The 1975 Lasker Awards. Dr. who stimulated the enactment of legislation for the National Eye Institute, and who has given for every dollar raised by the organization of Research to Prevent Blindness Double the money, and who as a result has given seed money for the building of six or seven eye research institutes in the United states, including one in Milwaukee, one in Houston -- he helped to build the new one at Columbia through getting seed money and the help of fund-raisers, paying

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