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fund-raisers to show people themselves how to raise money. It's the cleverest way to help people to raise money there is, because even if you give them the money you can. give them $50,000 and they don't know what to do with it. But if you give them $50,000 paying found-raisers for them to raise $5 million, you really have done something. And that's what he's done. Well, at any rate, we gave him a special Lasker Award for public service. And we gave Dr. of England and a man called Dr. Oldendorf an award for the development of their EMI scanner, a brain scanner which has led to the development of the body scanner. This development is revolutionary in the whole history of medicine. It shows the difference between an aneurysm and a tumor of the brain, and it shows up tumors of the pancreas and tumors of the ovaries and of the lung. The whole of medical diagnosis has been influenced by it. Just a few institutions have body scanners at the present time, but the brain scanners, have been fairly widely distributed. They're very expensive.


And I should think the body scanner is even more so.


A little bit more, yes. But there's a lot of competition, and the ones that were good six months ago are now obsolete because there's been such a lot of technical development.

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