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friend to exchange letters with the President of France when he was here saying that the United States was anxious to cooperate with France and make a big effort toward a solution of this common problem. But as there were-no communiques published, both Henry Kissinger and Ford, both of whom I saw, said they couldn't issue any communiques because they had decided not to. So nothing has done.


On what basis?


Any communique at all about what the discussions with the President had been. You see, they thought that if they issaed a couananiqe about cancer that it would be out of propor- tion. So if they weren't going to issue one on anything else, they weren't going to issue one on cancer either.

However, went to the White House dinner for the President of France, and I saw Mr. Kissinger there, and at that dinner he told me to send over a letter that I had wanted exchanged, which I did the next morning. Then I got the message that they weren't going to do anything about issuing any communique. And in spite of that, a friend of miene, Mrs. Feldman, took me to see President Ford, and we talked to him and said wouldn't he sign a letter even so, and he said no, that they had decided not to issue any communique but he would talk about the importance

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