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of cooperating with France and other countries at the forthcoming breast cancer conference to be held this fall, if he could be present at it. This is very frustrating.

However, I was also invited by the President of France to the dinner that he gave for the President of the United States the next night. This was in May at the French embassy. And at that Cianer the Presidet of France said twice that he was interested in cooperating with the United states in cancer research, and Dr. Rauscher was present and Dr. Rauscher has got some of the Americans presumably meeting with French groups. know. this may or may not amount to anythina. I just don't know. But some little, tentative forward notion has taken place. But it doesn't involve great amounts of money.

Now, actually, if we did it right, we could say to them, “Listen, you people ought to ask us for research funds and compete against our own people for research requests,? because there are certain things that they know how to do and are already doing like work in therapy


They could put it on an international basis.


They could put it on an international basis. we do already give international grants but very few to the French so far. But it could be built up. But doesn't know anything about medicine. She's a politician. she doesn't

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