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Interview #18 (Part II)

Interviewee: Mary Lasker
Interviewer: John T. Mason, Jr.
Date: July 23, 1978
Amenia, New York


This is an 18th interview (Part II) with Mary Lasker (Mrs. Albert D. Lasker) at her residence, Heathcote Farm, in Amenia, New York, on Sunday afternoon, the 23rd of July, 1978.

Let's begin today, Mrs. Lasker, with your social activities in the months which have elapsed since last we talked. It's been virtually a year, almost to the day.

In July, late July of last year, you left for Europe, and you went to Ireland instead of the Riviera, as you usually do. Tell me about that. Was it a happy circumstance?

Mrs. Lasker:

Yes, it was very good. The castle was very prettily furnished. But it was a very ancient house, and it was full of long dark corridors. Although the rooms were prettily furnished, it never had quite enough electric light in any room, from our American standards. That always depresses me.

However, that's just an aside. There was never a day it was warm enough to sit out of doors. You could walk out of doors, but there was never a day that you wanted to swim out of doors. Never a day. There was absolutely no provision

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