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for anybody to sit out, because it was never really warm there in Dublin.

Well, after two and a half weeks, we heard Jane was ill. We knew that she'd had a recurrence of breast cancer and we were trying to get in touch with her, and with doctors, to see what should be done to help her.

Believe it or not, the long-distance operators in Dublin, Ireland, were on strike. This lasted for ten days. Well, we finally decided that we just couldn't stand that, that you were really out of communication, that she really should have some help. We wanted the opinions of various doctors, and we decided to go to Paris to telephone the U.S. after about two and a half weeks.


And who was with you?


Mr. and Mrs. (William) Blair were with me. Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Brody and Mr. and Mrs. VanderKemp had been visiting me, and, oh, I'd had numerous visitors. But I just decided to leave after two and a half weeks, and that was it.


What were the facilities? Did you have an adequate staff there?


Oh, we had a very good staff and a pretty good chef. An Irish chef, believe it or not. It was sort of English-Irish cooking, but it was very good of its kind.

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