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Then we went to Paris, where we were able to telephone quite easily, and find out whatever we could to help Jane get proper treatment. Then we went to Venice - to the Cipriani. That time of year is marvelous in Venice, because it's so -- neither hot nor cold, just the right weather.

And then we went to Paris, to London and Leeds Castle, and home.

Before we went to Ireland, Deeda and I went to visit Mary Lawrence at Villa Florentina for three or four days. Had a very spectacular visit there. She gave a marvelous party for us, with everybody in the Riviera, including (Prince) Ranier and Grace. It was very, very pretty and very pleasant.


How large a house is that?


How large a house is it?


Yes. The one you usually take.


It's about -- oh, it has about six or seven bedrooms. It looks really larger than it is. It doesn't have enormous numbers of bedrooms. It has a large number of staff rooms in the basement on the ground floor. It's really its location that is its charm. It's on a marvelous point, looking across the sea to the Village of Eze.


How far is it from Monte Carlo?

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