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were really interested. And we got an agreement from Dr. Rauscher and the French to put up money on the American side and the French side for meetings and some cooperative efforts.

But on our side at this meeting with the British Ambassadress, the Director of the Cancer. Institute wasn't present. I'm not sure he would have been much help, this present one, than the others that came were. None of the British had expressed any specific interest in doing anything like this, they told us. Well now, it's only to the British advantage if they care about conquering this disease. No?


Are you going to have a chance to be around when the British doctor comes over in September? Are you going to pursue it further?


Well, I don't know. I don't know. If they don't want to go ahead with it, we'll just have to find British doctors that do. It really takes a little time to find who really cares about doing anything.

In France, we knew Dr. Mathe and Dr. Israel and several other doctors, who really wanted to do something, plus the fact that we made friends with the woman who is the Minister of Health, Mme. Well, who thought it was a good idea.


She's quite a hot number, isn't she?


She's wonderful. And Dr. Rauscher, who was then the head of the Cancer Institute, was, you know, rather

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