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For which I have the guest list.


Yes, you have the names of the people.

I received an invitation from the President of France to come to a reception for President and Mrs. Carter at Versailles on, I think it was the 4th of January, 1978. I thought about not going. Then I thought, well, why am I not going? It's interesting to see what will happen at Versailles at a reception for the President of the United States. No President has been there since the time of Jack Kennedy, and very few Presidents have ever been received at Versailles in peacetime, since (President) Wilson, or any time.

So I went on the Concorde, for five days, and the weather in Paris was absolutely marvelous. It was like kind of a grey pearl, each day was so beautiful, because if was warm.

And the reception was very extraordinary because no men were in black ties, and the ladies, while they were in long dresses, had no jewels practically, and the dresses were all dark. So that instead of it looking festive at Versailles, it looked like a -- it looked very sad, although Versailled, when people are dressed up, looks wonderful at night.


It was intended for that.

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