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Oh, absolutely. I was actually beside myself, it was so irritating. Mrs. Krim has been trying to make a laboratory for interferon and she finally had to start one in Switzerland to get something going, because the doctors have been so indifferent to doing anything about it here.

Now, it's largely because anything that happens out of the United States, people don't believe in. Strander and Cantell are not salesmen of anything, and some of the bone cancers that were being treated were of a slightly less virulent type than what some American doctors considered was pure osteogenic carcinoma. However, anything that prevents the onset of a virulent disease like that, that's non-toxic -- (TAPE INTERRUPTION) -- is exciting.


Now, last year you told me about Dr. De Vita and PALA.


Yes. Now, PALA is still under investigation. Nothing -- there have been a few striking remissions, but they may not have come to the right dosage yet, but none of the people that have it in patients have yet seen anything as striking as they expected it to be really from their animal studies. It may still develop because they may not be giving the right dosage.

You know, it takes so long to discover what dosage and what pulsing of dosage is needed, and if it needs to be given with another drug or not. You see, methotrexate was

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