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never very effective, nor cytoxin, or 5 FU, until they began being given together. It's the combinations of drugs that have made everything more effective.

Well, anyway, the interferon thing is surely something of great importance in the whole field of viral diseases, probably even in flu. When it's available in sufficient quantities, we'll know. And it's the first non-toxic agent that's ever been shown to be effective against major viral diseases.

So it may be only the first. There may be many more. But it's gone througn a barrier that had always been there.


Well, does this underscore the research of --


It underscores the need for more zeal about clinical research.


Does it underscore the suspicion that some have had that cancer is caused by virus?


Yes. It underscores this and also underscores the fact that it's some immune deficiency in the body probably, and that the body's deficiency can been stimulated and that that will help fight the disease.

Well, now, let's see. What --


Now, there's another subject under cancer activities. Your meeting last November with John Doar and Dr. Cahan, anti-smoking campaign.

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