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Mrs. Goetz brought me together with a very interesting doctor called Ben Horowitz, head of the CITY OF HOPE. Now, the CITY OF HOPE has a team of men who are doing work on recombinant DNA, which is a technique to make a bacteria make a hormone or other kind of product. They have been able to cause a bacteria to make insulin, in pure form. And this team at the CITY OF HOPE are the ones that devised the methodology of doing it. They are associated with a commercial firm called Genentech, at least some of their research is supported by them. It's an astonishing hospital and an astonishing research effort.


Where is this hospital?


It's outside of Los Angeles at Duarte -- near San Gabriel, and it's a research hospital which is completely free and supported by voluntary contributions, mostly from Jewish groups -- an astonishingly brilliant innovative effotrt.

Also at Mrs. Goetz's house, I met a very intelligent and interesting psychoanalyst. I haven't known many good psychoanalysts in many years socially.


They're not very adept socially, are they?


No. They don't usually come out much socially. But since I knew Franz Alexander, who died, and Karl Menninger, who was opposed to the giving of tranquillizing and anti-depressant drugs because he thought it ruined psychoanalysis, I haven't really had many friends in the analysis field. But this man, Dr. John Lindon, was -- is young and very intelligent, and I thought very very interesting. I was delighted to meet him.

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