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someone very young and arrogant is running against him, who is going around the state of Washington saying Magnuson hasn't balanced the budget. Well, of course if you're in the state of Washington that sounds like a terrible accusation because people know that everything is going up, and it sounds as if Magnuson is very extravagant, and could balance the budget. Of course, if you know anything about it, in Washington, you know that no one person could balance the budget. But he's very annoyed by this, and doesn't want to be considered a spender, which he didn't mind being considered in the past at all. So he put less money into the National Institutes of Health than the House did, and only with great difficulties and efforts by Senator Birch Bayh, who in the meantime has lost his beautiful wife, Marvella, did the Cancer Institute in the House get a markup of a billion dollars for the first time in history. And God knows whether we'll keep it or not in the House-Senate conference.

Jordan and I had gone to see Senator Bayh, Senator Inouye from Hawaii, Senator Hatfield, a Republican, and also Senator Schmitt, who is a new Republican from New Mexico, who was an astronaut who has walked on the moon and who was head of NASA for a year, was very strong for research generally and for medical research. He is said to have talked on the subcommittee to say that it was absolute nonsense, that it was the most deflationary thing in the world to do medical research

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