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Treatment of High Blood Pressure Committee, and he is very active still, and has been lobbying to get more money for the high blood pressure program under the Health Services Administration in the Department of Health, Education and Welfare. We have 11 million dollars in it now and we're trying to get 22 million. The House gave us, I was trying to get 24 million actually. The House gave us, I think it was -- $17,261,000 and the Senate gave us 22 million. We have an authorization of 24 million. But obviously we won't get that. We'll get something between 17 million and 22 million.


Now, this is for the fiscal year?


-- which will nearly double the amount we've had so far.


I see. This is for the fiscal year beginning in 1980?


This is to be given to states based on their health planning requests. The high blood pressure hearings resulted in legislation proposed by Pepper which would provide, among other things, free medical care to -- and medications -- to people on Medicaid and Medicare. This has yet to be taken up by Congressman Rangle's committee, subcommittee of the Ways and Means Committee, but we have hopes that it will be.

Altogether, this was a very successful hearing, and it will be tremendously successful if it results in legislation.

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