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heads of the Veteran Administration medical research and health and hospital divisions, The National Institutes of Health directors were given an hour and a half to talk, which was a tremendous lot of fun for them, but the VA wasn't even called on, because the Surgeon General didn't call on them.

Now, in the matter of the fact that there haven't been many important discoveries, the measles vaccine the 60's . I do want to make note of two things that interested me in this year so far, '66. Dr. Edmund has shown -- about two years ago, for the first time -- that two drugs would, if given , cause skin to disappear in 90 percent of the cases, early basal cell and cell carcinoma of the skin, reversed favorably. They may be reversed in about 60 percent of the cases, if they're early; not always if they're found or treated late. I'm trying to help make his discoveries better known, and have been in touch with Life Magazine. They want to do a story about him for January of '67. is very worried about this because he's afraid of the jealousy of other people in the field, and is nervous about having this work publicized in the lay press. I tell him if it isn't publicized in the lay press, people that are suffering won't know that there is anything to do to help themselves, and the surgeons will go on cutting these things off and scraping them off at great expense and pain to people -- because of course, this would cut the income

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